The Eternal Life Church is an active network of independent ministers, a "church without walls," reaching the lives of people through a variety of missions in the world.

The purpose of our church is --

To raise spiritual consciousness and understanding in the world, toward healing of the human body, mind and spirit.
  To teach, study and advance the philosophy of spiritual enlightenment in non-traditional ways. This church is without walls, without doctrine and limitation. It supports freedom of choice and personal responsibility in all matters, including one’s own Spirituality and healing methods.
To heal ourselves, as well as to inspire, encourage and empower others by example. To bring spirituality into our work and everyday life.
  To ordain as fully recognized Ministers, those whose lives and hearts are called to serve God and humanity and are therefore willing to accept this sacred trust.
  To promote and support organizations and individuals toward high ethical standards in the teaching and healing ministry.

The Eternal Life Church was founded in 1984 by Dr. Jay Victor Scherer, who believed that a world full of Ministers, with the sacred trust of serving God and humanity in these ways, would benefit all. The ELC is a New Mexico non-profit corporation.

Eternal Life Church